weeks 337-338

Two weeks later. So many thoughts going through my head. Hopefully, wherever you are, reading this, that you’re safe and sound. Until the beginning of this week, I couldn’t focus on anything. Still can’t focus on anything for long periods of time but am slowly returning to being able to cope in my own way. It’s just an odd time as the whole world is affected.

Some knitting happened. I’m using up the yarns my cousin gave me, and adding a bit of white. This is only half of one of them.

Purple knitted back with a row of white

So…spent the last three days, on and off, trying to open a jar of gesso. Alternately used a hairdryer and tried to pry it open with a nail file. Neither worked. Then, finally caved and ran hot water over the container for two minutes. I recorded my reaction because frustration and was so relieved, when it finally opened.

Canvases. One layer of white gesso on left, leftover dyed canvas on right

One layer of gesso on the left canvas. Also I applied some of the gesso while it was on the glass. Luckily the dried on gesso easily came off.

I’m starting to return to clothing. Also, I know it’s cost effect for patternmakers to do this for books, but trying to trace the pattern pieces needed was a bit confusing. (The bit of hair at the bottom is Dylan.) Fyi, all the hospitals near me refuse handmade masks and I don’t have anything they truly need to donate to them.

week 336

I’ve run out of the main yarn and unsure what yarn to do the sleeves in, because I’ve run out. The top folds down to make a small collar and it’s cap sleeved. It’s a bit of an origami top but fits rather nicely. Originally, it was going to be open in front but didn’t feel like making button bands. Yarn is gorgeous and it’s a discontinued Deborah Norville cotton-silk.

Front of cap sleeved top using multicolour cotton-silk yarn

Leftover of that yarn. Not sure what to do with them. Earrings? Closure? Embellishment for another project?

Leftover multicolour cotton-silk yarn

Made another beret and tinkered a bit with embellishments. Front bits need to be tacked down because the tops are floppy. Also want to stick a flower or two, slightly tucked behind the front. I’m not a milliner but practicing is still fun.

Red felt beret with red cut out embellishments attached in front

weeks 334-335

Spent most of last week sewing a bag for my niece and it came out so wonky. She didn’t mind. It was more she was around and wanted it finished before she left. The mesh was supposed to be on the outside but kept turning it inside out backwards, so it stayed that way. It just looks awful and it’s embarrassing but she loved it.


Didn’t get much embroidery done.

Bit more embroidery added to canvas

Lately, my focus has been finally deciding on what to do with this. It will be a cardigan with another yarn as the sleeves and collar, and possibly edging all around. But right now just have the oversized back and one front finished. The yarn has gone from knitting to crochet back to knitting and it will be crochet. First row is hdc/htc but the rest are alternating hdc/htc and then going into the stitch below and front loop of next stitch, and hdc/htc that stitch. Not sure if that’s clear.

week 333

The painting is finished. Added orange tinged pink paint in a few spots. It took longer to apply the gesso layers than painting over it. Both white and black gesso have their plusses so think I’m using both from now on.

Can’t stop fussing with the hats but it’s finally at the point one is actually pretty much done. Stitching is a bit wonky but bought red feathers and can sew some onto the pillbox. I also redid the lining.

Redid the main part of the other hat and kept the brim. It fits better but need to add some ribbon to cover the raw edges inside.

 two red hats

Started embroidering onto the canvas using the dyed fabric. I’m not sure if it’s obvious what it is at this point. One person was able to figure it out without my telling them first.

Dyed canvas with embroidery on it

I used up the rest of the resin and made a couple things. The one I call the glitter vomit dome was cast in some rounded plastic container with a few dents and it’s kind of nice but need to sand off the bottom a bit more (did a light sanding while watching The BRIT Awards) and put felt underneath so I can use it as a paperweight. The other one was a bunch of Halloween bits and bobs because I got tired of going through Dylan’s toy bin and finding them in there. Especially the wee plastic spiders. I didn’t let the parts sit and am not too fussed about the bubbly cloudy nature of either one.

Sideview of resin objects
Upside down view of the front of the resin objects

week 332

The hats are not great.

Top views of hats
Front views of hats

On the left, the hat doesn’t quite fit and I need to resew the inside so it does. The pillbox would be nicer if it wasn’t so stiff but probably needs to be handwashed then hung up to dry.

Progress on the painting. Guessing they’re leaves and thinking out the exact layout of the second layer over them. Decided on using salmon pink, or something more orangey, because I refuse to use red and make it Christmasy.

Painting with stencils taped over it

Made Valentine’s cards for Dylan’s classroom. I temporarily forgot the school policy that treats for the kids have to be storebought and was planning on making heart shaped choccy bikkies for them but just bought them Starbursts. For the adults, I made white chocolate topped milk chocolate fudge with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top.

Envelope with heart sticker
A red bag to carry them
Fudge cut into bite size pieces

week 331

Have been on a bit of a kick of trying to make hats out of red felt because it’s what I bought. This is my way to protest um someone ruining red baseball caps. Also it’s nice to make accessories which take up less time than anything else wearable. Basically, accessories are appetizers and dresses are the main meal. Besides my next huge project is the red velvet suit and it would nice to have a matching but not exactly matching, if that makes sense, something to wear alongside.

First done was a beret. It took a few hours and tried to make the top a heart but it looked awful so, the next day, made the shape a more rounded off triangle.

Sideview of most of the red beret

Second hat was supposed to be something else. Tried to make something else but kept cutting the inside circle of the brim and it became too big so had to scrap that. The pillbox is the leftover from that one.

Pillbox hat with veiling

Thought I was nearly done with this yesterday but the stitches looked messy and picked them all out and basted stitches and will sew it all together then fix the binding to the inside.

After screwing up, bought more felt and trying again to make a trilby or whatever it’s called. It’s in pieces still. The brim is currently wide but the outside edge could be trimmed a bit.

Second hat in pieces.  Outside red felt and the lining is white and brown

Just a hint of Valentines for Dylan’s classroom. I plan on making them paper and felt hearts and making chocolate biscuits plus white and milk chocolate swirled fudge for the adults. I’m not lining the hearts but attaching them to paper.

small and big hearts

Haven’t covered the canvas with black gesso but imagine this covered in black gesso and the lightweight cardboard cutout spaces in variant amounts of yellow, pink and white. I sprayed the canvas back with hot water but it’s still a bit wrinkly on the bars.

Canvas with cardboard cutouts laid out

By the way, Cheap Joe’s sent the cross braces and I don’t think they fit the stretcher bars. Supposedly anything bigger than 24” needs braces in the back and I just need to suck it up and learn how to build my own stretcher frames if I want to paint anything huge.

cross braces with part of the stretcher bars

week 330

Making this dress has been such a pain to get it in the state where I’m completely happy with it. I’ve finally reached that point where the skirts need to be hemmed and it’s completely finished. It looks wider and compared a pullover shirt and it’s just the way it looks. Need to attach something so the dress doesn’t keep falling off the hanger.

Unhemmed lace dress

The cape that sat on a hanger in the closet is nearing completion, also. Need to finish sewing up the collar and put the bottom on it, then cut the ribbon apart.

Gold cape

Continued crocheting this wee thing. I have no idea what it will be so assuming it’s a shawl at this point. It’s too thick to be a scarf.

Orange and variegated striped shawl

Have no idea where this is going but experimenting with shades of green, using blue, yellow and light pink

Green swirls on green paint

I’m still getting more practice stretching canvas and the corners annoy me. Need to spray them with hot water. Would hot water affect the dyed one? Probably.

two stretched canvas

Oh and I finally opened the resin and made this, as an experiment. Used dried old flowers which will eventually lose all its purple and become yucky brown. I need to sand it all over but doubt it will become glass clear. I used the correct measurements but it was around 15C and wasn’t careful about the bubbles forming. Also I sprayed a leftover packaging for banana clips with the mold release spray twice and still destroyed it because I got excited and removed it an hour earlier than I should have.

Resin piece