week three

Project One

Ten short films telling 10 Facts (Really 9 Facts and 1 Lie) about me.

1. My birthday is April 5, 1976

2. Not married and one child: Dylan

3. Favorites: Food, Color, Smell, etc.

4. I own several cameras

5-10 …. (still have to think these up)



Project Two

Alphabet Thing for each letter, a photograph of an object starting with that letter

(one food stuff, one non food item)

A – apple, accordion

B- banana, ball

C- cookie, camera

D- doughnut, duck

E- egg, earrings

F- French fry, foil

G- garlic, glove

H- hamburger, heart

I- ice, iPod

J- jelly beans, jersey

K- ketchup, key

L- lemon, lamp

M- meatballs, mouthwash

N- noodles, nickel

O- onion, orchid

P- popcorn, paper

Q- quesadilla, q-tip

R- rice, record

S- sausage, soap

T- tomato, tank top

U- (Pineapple) Upside down cake, umbrella

V- vanilla, vacuum

W- waffles, watch

X- xantham gum, xylophone

Y- yam, yarn

Z- zucchini, zipper



Project three

Interview almost every guy I’ve been with since Scott, maybe almost everyone between Scott and Andy, to see if there is some sort of pattern I’m making relationship-wise.

That would mean I would have to talk with Ed and two more I don’t want to talk with.

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