week five


I haven’t allowed myself time to devote to this post, during the week, so I am making up for it on a Saturday night.

It was an uneventful week although part two of assessments for my son to determine if he qualifies for an IEP program for preschool was done this past Tuesday. I’ll find out what will happen this next Tuesday.

I had no intentions to turn this into some sort of food blog, but I easily lose track of time and seem to only allow myself the time to read and cook.  It also didn’t occur to me just how meatcentric I am when it comes to comfort food, but this week isn’t any better. Sorry.

There is no picture of the awesome cheese sticks I made on Sunday. I used jack cheese then dipped them in egg, flour, egg, then panko crumbs. I fried them a little longer than I should have but liked them oozing and warm and crunchy. I didn’t have breakfast before it and five (maybe seven, since I wasn’t counting) quickly disappeared. It took me three days to finish all of them but it’s not as good the next two days because of the rubbery factor. It did occur to me to take a picture but after I would take the final bite each time.

Tuesday, I made these. Well, more than these. These are the leftovers on Wednesday.

meatballs and peas

The next one was a total experiment.

I melted cream cheese in the microwave and added pureed strawberries (that were frozen but defrosted in the microwave) trying to get the flavor right. It never gave me a satisfactory strawberry taste but the color was a light pink and sorta pretty. I added (not enough) almond slices to the mixture. After letting them sit in the fridge for about half an hour, which still wasn’t enough time, I rolled them into balls and in mixed cocoa powder and sugar. This is what they look like two days after sitting in the fridge. I put two together but they’re still terrible and rather bland. Plus, they look like something you’d find in a toilet. Not pretty or tasty. Not everything turns out good.

truffles truffles

There was leftover ham in the fridge, today, so I made mac and cheese.  This mac and cheese used the ham, one shallot, and a cheese sauce made with butter, flour, salt and pepper and several cheeses: cheddar, Colby and Monterey, plus two of those Babybels. I sprinkled a little panko on it before tossing it into a 350 oven for 25 minutes.

mac and cheese P1020694

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