week ten


There are two projects I started this week.


The first I got the idea to make mini-wreaths and drew circles on foamboard. I haven’t cut the circles out yet. The idea came to me while driving around to wrap the mini-wreaths in twine then make tiny pom-poms and attach to the wreaths. Right now, it’s an experiment as I am really unsure how they will turn out.


The second one is because I have had this yarn sitting around for quite some time and finally decided I want to relearn how to knit and ambitiously want to make an open cardigan. The ten balls on the left are GGH Milano and the two on the right are Red Heart Boutique Sashay. The knitting needles I am using say NO 15 on them but I’m not sure the exact size because they were bought at a Japanese store.


I was wanting a cheeseburger this week and this is what happens when you get bored and hungry at the same time.

The beef layer was browned then mostly drained of the fat, then more salt, pepper and garlic powder.

The second layer is onions browned in butter, with peas thrown in, then salt, pepper and garlic powder.

The third layer is grated (minus the top) zucchini cooked up then grated cheddar with garlic powder.

The top layer is just cheese sprinkled on top.

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