week fourteen and fifteen


I didn’t allow myself enough time to post last week as I had several projects taking up a lot more time than I expected.

I did finally finish the garland which did not turn out how exactly how I had planned it.

garland garland middle

I finally got the large pom-pom maker and made three big ones, then two smaller ones than at the ends attached two small ones and at the end the smallest size I made.

There is also the gingerbread houses I spent the weekend trying to learn by aid of the internet and one of my cookbooks. I drew the pattern both times.

This was the first attempt. Obviously, it is missing two sides from the roof.

gingerbread house try one

This was the second try.

gingerbread house try two beforegingerbread house try two after

The roof kept collapsing so I gave up. Next time I am making a flat house. Yes, I did go crazy with the frosting.

I made my sister-in-law boot toppers for Christmas. I didn’t think to take a picture while she put them on. This is what they looked like before I wove in the loose yarn strands and added the ribbon.


There is another project I am working on that has been taking quite a lot of time. I am finally getting around to using all the yarn I have been hoarding. I’m pretty sure the project I am trying to quickly finish, the yarn was bought before I was pregnant with my son.

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