week sixteen

The finished boot toppers from last week.

the boot toppers

And a couple other projects.

This is the never-ending jacket that I need to make the front lapels for then will finally be done. It started off as a shrug but I am constantly tweaking it to get something more to my liking. Also, I should have bought three skeins of that yarn, which I vaguely remember came from Caron’s Simply Soft Eco line. I bought the yarn way before my son was born and they don’t make it anymore. So, it is colorblocked. I should have made the back smaller so I would have had the same yarn on both front and back but I don’t mind it being two shades of blue and the size it is.

Obviously, the sleeves were not smoothed out before taking the picture.

crocheted jacket

A new project I started. I’m not sure if anyone can actually read my writing since every single person I know comments on the illegibility of my penmanship. I subscribe to Yarnbox for every other month and, instead of continuing to hoard the yarns, have started making stuff. I made the garland with yarn from the first shipment, one and an half skeins of Chloe from Fable Fibers. (If you Google it, the online picture looks more purple but it looks more like Ruby in person. Also, the original shipment was three skeins.)

This next project will use two skeins from Fiber Hound, Hushpuppy and Sirius.

circle capelet plans yarn

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