week twenty-two

For Valentine’s Day, I made little hearts for the teachers and teacher’s assistants for Dylan’s class. They didn’t come out as I expected them. For one, they were supposed to have crochet handles so they can be hung but I didn’t know how to attach the handles so just kept them as is.

materialsmaterials part 2hearts

There is also the matter of my cousin’s scarf.

I need more practice with the afghan stitch as I did it several times then undid it just as much.

So it went from this

afghan stitch

to this

knitted scarf

The size needles are this:

needle size

While the yarn is Mary Maxim’s Starlette’s (worsted weight) in Medium Grey.

I took it upon myself to use up the ten balls of GGH Milano and spent a good part of the day trying to knit it using knitting needles I bought from one of my trips to Mitsuwa.  It says No. 15 which I’m not sure what size chart it correlates with.


I don’t understand the three times I knitted then frogged the yarn, on how I kept getting the long line of yarn that didn’t go anywhere. Watching videos didn’t make it easier to understand what I kept doing wrong. I gave up on the third try and decided I am just going to crochet with that yarn. Knitting is frustrating and hard when you have no idea what you’re doing. It will be easier once it all clicks.

Also, my Bergere catalog finally came in the mail. It took a month because I had signed up on the British site, not the American version. All the prices are in pounds.

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