week twenty-three

This week has been focused on making a poncho slash cape, since looking up examples online have the two seeming interchangeable. I’ve assumed capes had buttons and collars whereas ponchos are just one piece with sometimes a cowl neck.


up close




This is tonight’s progress. I am on yarn ball seven.today

I can figure out my process as I have used about one ball a day. This is the same yarn I was trying to knit with unsuccessfully, so began with ten balls of GGH Milano. I wasn’t really counting how many I made in the beginning chain, although it might be around hundred, just kept measuring to make sure it fit around my head.

I’m also using different crochet hooks. I started off with F, then went to G, just finished using I, and now have a J hook.. After using two balls, I switched to the next hook. So two balls used F, next two balls used G, and so on.  I realised I tend to crochet in half double crochet/hdc stitches, which in British is half treble/htr. I’m still learning the differences between the two because some of my favorite magazines are from overseas.

I also found out I have two F hooks.

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