week twenty-four

I did finish the poncho and have two balls leftover from deciding if I made a cowl, I would not know how to attach it. I assume most ponchos with cowls start with the neck. If I really wanted to, I could still make the cowl, just separately.

finished poncho

There were a few other things I made.

I finally decided I wanted an infinity scarf so I sewn the four cut pieces of dyed lace so it made one line. Right now, it’s pinned so the the raw edges are inside and I will sew it so only the ends are open then go from there.

dyed lace

Had a few random squares and put them all together and plan to add a border around it all.

attaching squares


Lastly, this was made from sashay yarn. Normally, ruffle scarves would result. Didn’t feel like it so made a heavy and thick one.

It went from this (folded in half)

yarn before

to this

sashay scarf

scarf worn

As you can see, you could make a nice rug if you have enough balls of the yarn.

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