week twenty-five/twenty six

Week twenty-five was a week full of not accomplishing anything. I finished the infinity scarf but I didn’t like how it turned out. I’ll take a picture of it before I take it apart.

Week twenty-six.

The scarf as it was.


As it is now.


Instead of having one long strand, where it literally hit the floor so was too long, I sewed two together then the other two. I sewed those together and now have a wide scarf. I need to sew the long ends then close up the short ends.

I also added the two last balls to the poncho. It feels kinda nice after trying it on. The bottom wraps around and can be pulled down to cover my butt.  The sleeves can almost reach my wrists.  I used eight balls up to this point. The ninth, I used a larger hook, (L?), and went all the way around, then used the I hook and made the middle part. To make sure the sides were even, I used safety pins and counted the same amount from each side. then went in circles.

By the way, small safety pins will slightly damage this yarn so use the big huge ones, not the tiny ones that snag on everything.

poncho closeup completed poncho

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