week twenty-seven

It was an extremely slow week as I didn’t get very far with anything.

Instead of sewing all four end to end, which is what was originally done, I had sewn two strips together then put the two sets of two together which still made a long rectangle.

I plan on sewing the raw edges together, except for one side, then turn it inside out then close it up and it will be done the second and final time.

scarf so far

I recently bought to see if it would make knitting easier to learn, as I find knitting needles still take a lot of work and practice.

Also, the purple yarns I was going to use for one project will be used on whatever I’m doing with this knitting board.


I did experiment with the yarn already, just to see what would turn out. I frogged the whole thing and had tangled yarn.

knitting board try one

My weekend was basically spent untangling that (and the rest of the two yarn) ball(s) which is such a pain. Also, I need to get a yarn ball winder so to stop wrapping yarn around books.

undoing tangled yarn yarn

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