week thirty-two

Not many things have been done as I spent most of the week trying to untangle yarn. Chairs aren’t helping me make pretty little yarn cakes. I need a yarn swift but can’t reason 50 dollars for one.

I finally started using the Louisa Harding’s Simonetta. Unfortunately it’s not to make one of the dresses from the Simonetta booklet, as I am so bad at knitting that I can’t get myself to relax enough for an attempt. I am going to crochet myself a dress or a jacket. The yarn felt a bit rough as I started, but continuing, the yarn is relaxing and feeling softer.

yarn progress

I am not sure how many rows I made initially, but I am going by rows of five for the Viola shade and rows of two with the Charcoal. (Viola 5, Charcoal 2, Viola 10, Charcoal 2, Viola 15, Charcoal 2, etc.) I didn’t think they would go together as one has gold metallic threads and the other has silver metallic threads but I like it.

There is also this that I keep putting off.

cut out pieces

I have had bad and good luck with purple tracing paper and a tracing wheel. I bought some Swedish paper to alleviate this problem as tracing paper is never big enough without constantly shuffling it around. I did cut out the pieces already but they look off and just want to make sure and retrace everything. (You can use any transparent paper you have on hand but I’ve always wanted to try Swedish tracing paper and bought a roll of Amazon to test it out.)

The pattern I’m using is actually from two different patterns in one of the Stylish Dress Books. The original dress is sleeveless and I want to add sleeves, so I need to retrace the armhole and sleeves from  another pattern.


These are the fabrics I’m using.  I plan on dying the eyelet so it is a lighter shade of green. I plan on sewing the dress and dying it an ombre green. The green in the middle will be the liner and the one of the right will fancy up the bottom hem, under the other two layers.

There is also this.

Eight by eight inch squares that I want to turn into a quilt.  I have white velvet that will go between the squares.

shiny fabric

This should all keep me quite busy this week.


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