week thirty-nine

crochet dress so far

I undid all the work at the side and just seamed the sides up until the armholes.


Finished up the shawlette.


Also, there’s this. A simple bag with a front pocket.

A better picture of it is on my Instagram.


Also, a little purse with the leftover fabric. Minus a to be determined closure.

Vintage Craft Workshop book

I very rarely share books I’m reading as it’s a massive amount of material I am in various stages of reading at any time.  I have always wanted to check out this book and finally found a cheap copy on Alibris and snapped it up.

Not since college, has the name Jean Ray Laury, been in my mind.  I did a Google search to see if she was still alive and found out she passed away in 2011. I have had periods where I started sewing then quit. For a time, quilting was fun, though the output was minimal. One quilt was made with circles in squares but it didn’t work out.

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