week forty

Weekly progress check.


Eyelet lace dress. Attaching sleeves to dress, then sew up the bottom and attach that part. Then, do the same exact process with the lining. Not sure how to attach the nylon net to the lining skirt part. It will be the eyelet, then lining then nylon net under the skirt.

not lined eyelet dress


The crochet dress is still in the same state as it was last week. I need to make the sleeves, then do something with the shoulders as they are too narrow if I just seamed them together and left a neck opening.

crochet dress, so far


And, then, there is this.

I have no idea where I’m going with this as I am just mindlessly crocheting for no reason to see what I end up with, given the amount of yarn I have on hand.

another crochet project


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