week forty-one

Slow week was slow.

More progress on the dress.

I have to attach the top to bottom then I’ll be done with the outside. I’m not sure if I will end up dying it like I planned. After the outside is done, then I have to sew up the lining. The waistband is velvet. I’ve been trying it on while sewing and it feels fine, though trying to trace the pattern then having to add seam allowances is something I’m not very adept at doing.

eyelet dress waistband

Also, that whatever I’m making project. I seamed the sides. I haven’t decided the top, as in v neck or square, and if I have enough yarn to make sleeves.

crochet project




Twenty minutes after I posted that. I was actually supposed to gather the skirt before attaching it. Instead, I added semi-random pleats, which made the sewing and waistband a bit wonky. I need to sew the lining now and attach the nylon net to underneath that skirt, then I will finally be done with dress.

eyelet dress

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