week forty-nine

My niece brought up a point last week when she looked at my knitting needles and asked why I don’t use them. I hesitated but couldn’t come up with an answer.

Along with an Instagram contest from the website www dot yarn dot com, I wanted to try again and assumed I’d knit three rows, get quickly frustrated then give up, like it always happens.

This is not the case this time.

It had plenty of mistakes but I don’t mind the random holes. The sides don’t look pretty, either. It’s all in garter stitch.


Of course, this is not a scarf but a sweater idea. The sleeves and back will be one solid color but the front will have other colors.

These are all the colors that will be used.


The pink color is soft red from Bernat Softee Baby which I know I’ll need more.  The Red Heart skeins are honeydew and aran. The unlabeled one is Mary Maxim Starlette’s medium grey.

By the way, I’m almost done with the cardigan as I have bought six buttons for the closure, so that will probably be in next week’s entry.

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