week fifty-five

The blue and purple afghan is coming along. I have to attach this edge then put the border all around it, then I’ll be done.  The edges do even out when I attach them together.

blue and puple afghan

I started over with the sweater, but this time with bigger needles which makes for easier counting. This is actually the third time, because I kept having to take them off the needles because the stitch count kept growing without my being fully aware of it and I’m not planning on a shawl with this one.

knitted sweater




I have tons of leftover red yarn, not just the yarn shown here, and want to see what can be made with this knitting board.

knitting board project

Inside this bin, I have the leftover yarn from all the projects, as I go. The left one is a beanie, which I don’t know how it will come out, but will soon be done. Also, the shiny one on the left, is the start of a shawl, using up all the leftover Louisa Harding yarn.

couple projects, leftover yarn

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