week fifty-eight

First of all, I did continue the fourth piece on the knitting board but missed a loop then frogged the whole thing. Fingering weight should be used along with another yarn but the lacy result wasn’t bad.

Over the weekend, I started and finished a circular rug using a pound bag of mill ends. It was ten balls of unknown yardage, though they were all small amounts. I had to block it because it didn’t hang smoothly and curled at the edges, so it’s outside.

I don’t have a large enough and flat surface to pin it to, although it did sit in the bathtub but in-between bath time and showers, it isn’t the best place to let it dry.

Also, it took me a whole extra day beforehand trying to figure out how to avoid making ruffles.

circular rug

The blue knitting project is coming along. I forgot I had to cut the yarn at many points because it got so tangled.

blue knitting

Finally felted the hat yesterday. There is a picture of me wearing it on my Instagram feed. The corners stand up so it looks like ears. This made me want to experiment more with making felted objects.

felted hat

A pom-pom about to become a pom-pom. The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Parrot. I fail at using cardboard to make pom-poms and this nifty device from Clover makes it so much easier.

large pom pom

Few minutes later. An extra-large pom-pom.

pom pom


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