week fifty-nine

I finished one project and have almost finished another. Finally.

The shawl using up the leftover Louisa Harding yarns.  The fringe is too short to knot but looks good after a bit of trimming.

shawl top of shawl

I’ve been extremely lazy and still want to add two buttons to the now pullover. It would have looked better if the whole front was crocheted in one piece but it doesn’t look terrible this way.

striped pullover

I’ve been patiently teaching myself to learn how to purl over the weekend, so decided to go simple and make a scarf with the two skeins of Unforgettable.

This is up until this morning. Since yesterday afternoon, I have started to make more holes in it unintentionally. I have the knit side down so you can’t see the sides curling, which is annoying. Crochet does not curl.

Also, if you’re ever going to teach yourself how to knit and purl, use huge needles. I’m using needles that have NO 15 on the side that were purchased at Mitsuwa a long time ago. So, they’re equal to US 10.5.  This project does seem to be coming along at a nice pace, but it would have been better to use my US 15 but I still have the blue project on those.


Oh, and here are some felted pom-poms. They didn’t come out like I expected but I like the tinier ones.

felted pom-poms


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