week sixty-two

I actually had time to post this yesterday but got lazy.  (Originally, the house was going to get fumigated but they didn’t do it because of the roof, hence my reason saying this post will be late when I mentioned it last week.)

I got impatient and frogged the scarf and now it’s like this.

knitted scarf

My main focus has been Holiday themed, since Christmas is so close.

I want to hang some lights and garlands and a wreath in my bedroom window.

I wrapped yarn and embroidery thread around a foam wreath. I’m making more pom poms then will connect them to make garlands.

wreath and pom poms

This is my WIP for my niece Inez’s Christmas present.  Didn’t draw in the face yet but I’m incorporating two of her favorite things.

The mustache was the easiest thing to make. I got the directions here.

The chevron is actually easy, also, but looks wonky on the sides. The yarns feel rough so I’m not going to make it wearable.

Hopefully, she’ll like it.

I do have a backup gift in mind. A cookbook. I remember she borrowed a cookbook from her school library for a second time and we were looking through it after she showed it to me. I made her pick something out she’d like to make, then we went to VONS to buy the ingredients. We bought a lot of stuff but none of what we needed to make the dish.

Inez's Christmas present


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