week sixty-three

It was an extremely slow week as my son had a week off from school.

I did manage to sneak in a few things.

knitted scarf so far

Current progress on the knitted scarf.

It doesn’t seem as vibrant as when it was handknitted but still like the way it looks and feels. Since frogging the yarn, it’s a bit more fuzzier and softer.

Inez's Christmas Gift

This is the current progress on my niece’s Christmas gift. Nothing is attached yet as I am not done with the face.  The face was done in pencil aptly colored “Flesh”.  The eyes will be color pencil, also, then once the rest of the hair is painted in, then I will either glue or sew the crocheted items to the canvas.

garland so far

This is a dinky start to a garland. Need to make more pom-poms.

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