week sixty-four

Inez's Christmas present

Messed up my niece’s Christmas present as I can’t seem to make a guy who looks masculine, but I’m okay with that. I need to add white paint to bits of it and sew the mustache and top of the cowl onto the canvas, or I could just frame the whole thing. Either way to make it less able that my nephew/her brother can destroy it by yanking on it.

green, grey and white striped blanket

I had tons of leftover yarn again and have started another afghan.

knitted scarf

More progress on the striped scarf.

Christmas display

This is my sad attempt at making a small Christmas display that I will turn around and let the neighbors see. The “presents” were little boxes that formerly housed inks and wrapped in wrapping paper then taped to a ribbon.

I do want to put lights up but haven’t gotten around to getting lights that will fit around the window. I actually bought lights today but they are only three feet long, which is not long enough for the window but could add them to this little display.

Also, I’d prefer battery operated LED lights over everything else, which makes choices more limited.

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