week sixty-five

striped afghan

A continuation of the striped afghan. After finishing the fourth row of stripes, I want to change it up a bit and put different stitches but follow the same color pattern.


A friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of craft items that had belonged to his mom who had passed away earlier in the year. In that plastic bag of items, she had a bunch of embroidery thread. Instead of making a design and using up the thread that way, I want to make a whole bunch of circles by color group and stitch them together. He didn’t want a small quilt (out of Spiderman fabric, cat in flowers fabric and another one) but I really want to give him something in honor of his mom.

pom-pom wreath

Oh, look, another pom-pom wreath.

The cape (which is not part of it) is from one of munchkin’s shirts and he had yanked it off, even though there was a safety-pin connecting it to the shirt and could have asked help to take it off.

finished Christmas project

My niece’s finished Christmas present. I had some wire and stuff so it can hang on the wall but I can’t remember where I put it.

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