week sixty-six

Continuation on the striped afghan

first section

First section is folded up. I left it in a stitch holder and didn’t weave in the ends.

When all four sections are done, then I will crochet them together then weave in all the ends.

By the way, the odd sections will be striped but the other two will be like the next picture.

section section

This is the second section.

As you can see, the stitches are different, as promised. I had to slightly alter the math as the stitch pattern in the book, Crochet Stitch Dictionary by Sarah Hazell, for long waves is not divisible by the number I’m using.

It will be a slightly different color sequence, as it won’t go white, light green, dark grey, light green, white. Instead of the dark grey, I will alternate between dark green and dark grey.


Friday morning to afternoon, I was able to make this between being in a waiting room for my son’s doctor appointment and from being in a backseat and not the one driving. It took a few hours but would look nice if the edges could be seamed together but I made it too small to be used that way. I would still like to make a top then attach that to it, but I have to find/make a pattern for the top.

If I can remember it correctly, since I forgot to write things down.

ch 110

110 dc

cluster stitch dc5tog (actually had six stitches because I would yo first then have one stitch before doing the actual first stitch, then yo after drawing all the loops together)

basically repeat dc stitches then dc5tog for four rows, ending with dc row

I forgot how many dc stitches in final row, as each dc5tog row shrinks number of stitches, then all around sc.

Break off and weave in ends.

(These are the worst directions but I vaguely remember what I did.)


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