week seventy-one

colors now sweater progress

Sweater progress

It may not be obvious but had just finished a few rows of the second grey by itself and now just added the second darker blue.

I measured it up to myself and it’s right around my belly button, although this will be the back and not sure how much of the sides.

loose threadfirst try

The other knitting project.

It was frogged and ended up much longer than anticipated.

second try

This is the second attempt.

On the first two or three rows, I added white yarn, but it’ll just be the two on the rest of the cowl. This one seems like it’ll still be longer than I wanted but not as long as the first try.

I used a shorter circular needle, not exactly sure what size, and it’s also metal. I don’t know why I keep it around because it’s harder to knit on metal needles.

Knitting needles, preference for wood. Crochet hooks, no preference.

pink cowl up close pink cowl

I had some crochet thread split into two balls so I spent an afternoon making this, using the two strands together. Except for the last two rows, which were single crochet, it was all done in half double crochet. I started this in the car while waiting then finished it around 5pm. It took about three and an half hours.

One last thing.


Gyoza, dumpling, pot sticker, whatever.

A whole package of gyoza wrappers

Filled with ground beef, Italian sausage, cooked grated onion, cooked grated/shredded cabbage, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil. I didn’t measure anything, so can’t give anything specific.

I cooked some up by frying one side for two minutes, flipping them over then adding water to the pan and boiling for three minutes.

Drizzle more sesame oil before eating.

I made more and they’re in the freezer. It was funny while I put the filling in the wrappers, because Dylan kept trying to sneak one and I had to keep stopping him because you obviously can’t eat them raw.

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