week seventy-four

I spent almost all of last week with both Dylan and myself having colds, so it affected my doing much of anything.  He was prescribed antibiotics on Wednesday, but I felt like a bad mom calling his classroom saying he wasn’t coming into school every day last week.

I was only able to get more knitting done on the sweater.

It will be done in three parts because of accidentally stopping before where I should have stopped.  Never measure things against yourself when you’re sitting down.

bottom of sweater start of the top

On the left.

The bottom of the sweater.

I sorta like the ruffled bottom but I will try to smooth it out some more.

It does slightly overlap in the front.

On the right.

This will be the top of the back. I’m doing it in three parts, with the back and the two front pieces, so there will be space for the sleeves, which will be done last.

After I join everything, I’m not sure what sort of border I’ll put around the whole thing.

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