week seventy-six

Even more progress on the sweater.

finished piece

Finished the piece that was on the circular needles.

top and bottom pieces

The top and bottom pieces are done.

Problem is I haven’t exactly counted my stitches and the top of the bottom piece is 183 stitches and the collective bottom pieces’ stitches add up to 145.

I’m actually okay with that as that will make the spaces a bit wider for the sleeves. I kinda want the sleeves to be wide at the shoulders and narrow at the wrists.

adding crochet middle

Started on crocheting the middle so the top and bottom will be joined. Have to split the middle, so the bottom three inches will be one way and the top two inches will continue the spaces of the top three pieces.

I did a couple of other things over the weekend.

white rectangle

This took three (or two and a half) days to crochet.

I want to experiment and use crochet as a canvas, just to see what will come out. I’m not painting it but will crochet into the squares.

I did buy a skein today, because I didn’t have any black yarn in my stash.


I’ve been crocheting circles for a while and have a small pile that is being unused. I crocheted the back on Sunday then attached them in this manner. Not sure how they will be attached permanently.

Originally wanted to attach the circles together to make a table runner out of them.

crocheted circle

Oh and there was this circle which took a couple of hours from leftover yarn.

I made a bag with this yarn and another and tried to felt it but the dark grey didn’t felt and this yarn barely changed.

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