week seventy-seven


top of sweater body sweater body

I’m slowly reaching my goal of knitting an actual sweater, as opposed to the starting and stopping of so many knitting projects in the past.

After I finish the sleeves and add them to the rest of the sweater, the edging will be put on.

I could add a button placket but really want it to be open.

The project will be blocked after the whole thing is finished, to even it all out. The dimensions don’t need to change.

start of sleeves

I’m glad sleeves are the last things you knit, because I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Flipping through all my books and magazines to look at pattern schematics to figure it out does help a little.

In case anybody is curious, the next knitting project I will endeavor will be a written pattern from a magazine or book.

Having to figure everything out is hard, but I have to learn to be comfortable with the basics.


threading yarn into the white square

The white crochet square project.

After crocheting into the yarn, I didn’t like how it looked.

This looks a bit better, although I was just playing with the yarn and threading it through the squares.

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