Week seventy-nine

I’m a day later than usual, but yesterday was busy. 


So far the knitted sweater looks like this.

I closed the front and the sweater looks odd to me even though it all lines up. 

Also, closed it on the side I wanted to be the outside so all the weaved in ends were sticking out and had to be trimmed. 

Weaving in ends is the worst. Just kidding. No. Seaming everything together is the worst. 

The sleeves will have the same color pattern but not the same number of rows and will all be knitted instead of the crocheted bit on some of the body.

I’ve run out of one of the yarns so had to buy more. I’m not complaining about that since it gave me an excuse to peruse the knitpicks website. (So many yarns, such limited funds.)

Another disappointing fact is I wanted a new sweater by my birthday which won’t be happening, because the sleeves are taking longer than expected.


Row two (or three, if you count the middle circle as a row) of the circles rug.

There will be ten of this color then two other ones which the colors have yet to be officially determined.  


I’ve had this skirt by H&M sitting in my closet and I have only worn it a few times but couldn’t bear to part with it because the fabric is too pretty. 

I must be looking too much at the Anthropologie website because, naturally, it had to be recycled it into an apron. 

I need to redo the top then attach everything and it will be done, which is why the back of the top is showing while the finished bottom is showing the front. 

The hardest part was disassembling the whole skirt. Except the bottom hem, all the other seams were undone. 

I also split the waistband into two parts. 

I did take pictures along the way but it is a fairly simple process if you know what your measurements are instead of just comparing the assembled pieces to your body. I had the top and bottom attached but the waistband was not at the right spot.  

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