week eighty

I didn’t get very far with the sweater, but I did receive the rest of the yarn I need for the project so hopefully by the end of next month, I will have a new sweater.

future top

Another knitting project I started.

This is the fourth try.

After starting over three times, I did have two or three days worth of knitting but didn’t like the way it looked so frogged the whole thing.

I do like the idea of making a quick open knit camisole that can be layered with fabric underneath.

Knitting on US size 15 needles makes for faster work, which I like.

more circles

Row two or three of the circles rug will have ten of these. I ran out of black yarn so need to get more.

Such a superficial problem, but either I have too much yarn which I don’t know what to do with, or not have enough and need to get more, which turns into too much yarn. It’s a bad cycle.

knitting board piece

This was the yarn on the knitting board and I did a few more rows, before taking it off the board and crocheting the rest. Was surprised to see the yarn turns paler when it is crocheted.

Want to put handles on it and line it, to make it a bag. I’m thinking clear, so it doesn’t compete with the yarn.

I took a picture of it when it wasn’t folded on Instagram and now want to crochet a bunch of mushrooms.

I also have another ball of this yarn and not sure what to make with it.

finished apron

I finished the apron while watching Master of the Flying Guillotine.  It looks a bit wonky because the stitching isn’t straight in some places, but I still like it.

original h&m skirt

I don’t think I posted a picture of what it looked like originally, so here you go.

I don’t remember when I got it but did wear it a few times, but find skirts uncomfortable. Dresses are fine but skirts never feel right. Weird when I wear pants with no problem.

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