week eighty-two

circles rug

I finished the second row of circles for the rug.

Some of the circles became other shapes after attaching the second to the first row. I wish it was more symmetrical but it looks pretty decent. The green circle on the right was made with a different yarn before, and didn’t look right to me, but I changed it today.


This is my first time using the small weaving loom.

Except for the warp thread, everything else was supplied in the box. I have no idea how to secure the bottom and it’s just sitting in a drawer.





crochet background

You’ve seen this rectangle of white before, while it was smaller.

I made it bigger and made a huge border, before attaching it to an empty frame, with the parts that fold down to hold the back in place. (I have no idea what the bits are called.) It is still loose and might have to nail down more of the crochet.

I have no idea what I am going to put on this, but I’ll think of something.


knit top

More of this knitted top. You can see the hole in this picture.

Can I just be crowned “World’s Slowest Knitter” already?

crochet something

I guess I needed to crochet a turtle, when originally wanted to knit a tea kettle.

I’m currently stuffing it then I’ll put on some extras to give it a personality.

You’ll meet him or her next week.

[I did finish sewing up a couple of bags but the stitching is so horrible, I didn’t want to post them here.

There was another small purse I changed but want to finish re-sewing the bigger bag with the same exact fabric, before those get reposted together.]

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