week eighty-four

Last week wasn’t as productive a week as much as I hoped it would.

I’m slowly reaching the finishing line of the knit sweater.

The second sleeve is about halfway or over halfway done.

Once I’m done, I’ll seam the sides then attach everything, put on an edging to make everything nicer then have a new sweater.

Am too anxious to wear it, so by the time I’m done, might not block the whole thing to straighten it out.

Still not sure if I want to add pockets, although I know there will be plenty of yarn leftover.

second sleeve progress

Progress on the crochet circular rug.

It isn’t obvious but, the red one is underneath it, for comparison.

Have two more colors to go through, the blue I’ve just started on, then it will be done.


circular rug progress

Just for comparison, the rug was started last week.

The sweater was started fifteen weeks ago.

Both according to my Instagram.

So, you’re probably asking yourself. (You’re not. Humor me.) Asking if I have an etsy shop. I do have one but it has been unused since opening it a long time ago. I changed the name to something I like less but it’s okay.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to actually sell something in my etsy shop. (Okay and to have a sex life, but there isn’t anybody I’m truly interested in enough to make me want to do naughty things with, so forget that resolution.)

I have had plenty of time to realise I want to do this the legit way and plan for things now, so to not be overwhelmed and completely freaking out later, which is my usual thing to do, and I’m in the process of filling out a seller’s permit. After that a DBA and a Home Business license as it will be just me and I’ll be doing everything at home, which I have been doing. I like to make one-offs and it is starting to crowd me so it’s time to declutter and rehome them.

I have been slowly filling out the permit, adding to it when I can. Some of the things to fill out are simple. For right now, I’m using my social security but in the long run, if this turns into a full-time effort, then I’ll try to apply for a FEIN or EIN (or SEIN).

I’ve also bugged their Facebook by asking questions. A lot of questions. It’s surprising they don’t block me on there, saying I have to call them if I need to ask anything else.

By the way, what the heck would be the NAIC if I want to sell accessories, home and otherwise? It’s not one or the other. Can I put two?

When I have everything set up and all the paperwork done, then I’ll announce it here.

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