week eighty-six

circular rug

It’s not quite exactly a circle, but it was made in the round.

When I originally finished it, I slipstitched the last row of white making the whole white border curl.

I undid that row and single crocheted, which is called double crochet elsewhere. It gets mildly confusing.


yellow shrug

Almost three balls of Pittsburgh Yellow from Lion Brand later.

This shrug.

The bottom half is 21 stitches cast on. Use up one whole skein. That should equal about 24 inches.

The top half is 11 stitches cast on, until you get the same length of the bottom half.

The sleeves are 33 stitches cast on. One sleeve uses the rest of the second skein leftover from the top half of the body, then make the second sleeve with part of the third skein.

The body is knit and purl, while the sleeves are garter stitch.

I have leftover yarn and not sure what to do with the small amount.

new knitting project

This is a knitting project I started last week, which will be a shawl.

I’m not sure how long the first part will be, until I’ve made the first strip with the first skeins of Rico Romance in Silver and Drops Vienna in Light Pink.

The Drops yarn is about half the length of the other one, which will make things a little interesting.

I also have to confess I bought the last three skeins of the Drops Vienna in Light Pink off the Wool Warehouse website. It’s got a weird scratchy element to it but it gets softer the more you use it.

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