week eighty-nine

Last week was a slow week creatively.

I undid the second pink shawl, because I didn’t like how it was turning out, and currently struggling with the tangled yarn, because I wound it up with my fingers instead of the ball winder.

Someone needs to make a portable yarn winder so I’m not stationed at my desk all the time.

apron top apron

I wasn’t able to finish the apron. The part that goes around your neck isn’t attached to the rest.

crochet circles

This is an ornament that took up most of my time.

There is a better picture on Instagram.

Connected circles. Most of them were four to a chain. Make one circle, ch4, make another circle, ch4, make another circle, ch4, make another circle, then ch16.

There were a couple where it is just one circle then ch16.

The misshapen ball is stuffed and the non-chained part of the yarn drawn through.

I put the bead as an afterthought, but it looks better without it.

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