week ninety

Slow week was slow. 

Mid-week Dylan’s afternoon class, along with the morning class, had a preschool graduation. Not every student will be going to kindergarten which I assumed because not all the kids wore the pale blue cap and gown.  

Starting at the end of July, he will be in a different school for longer hours. I’m not sure if that will affect my posting once a week but it might affect my output. 

Last week, I just didn’t get much done. 

I was able to finish off one project. The pink shawl.


Three balls of Drops Vienna and one of the Rico Design Fashion Romance.  

I haven’t blocked it but do like the ruffles as they exist currently.

I joined a letterclub via Twitter and am in the process of making something for each member. I still haven’t started writing any letters. 

Last week, I got two cloth placemats on sale at Anthropologie and plan to turn that into a bag. I should have accepted when the cashier offered something for the straps but I rather would use something on hand. So stay tuned for that.

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