week ninety-one

more circles

more blue circles

blue circles

More blue (and green) circles for two projects I’m thinking up.

The ones in the bottom picture are smaller.

Also, the ones that look like one solid blue won’t be connected together like the bigger ones and the one currently on the hook.

One of the projects is given away if you read my writing on the notecard in the last picture. I asked each member of Letterclub, which I may or may not have mentioned last week, their favorite color. Unfortunately there is not one color they all like, but the point isn’t to make them all the exact same.  Now, if only I could focus this much on the actual letters.

bag with handlesinside

Haven’t officially finished the bag made from the two cloth placemats.

Just have to put something covering the raw edges of the ribbon and the fact I had to hand stitch the sides on the inside because I broke a needle trying to go over one side.

purse closed inside the purse

A little purse made from leftover skirt fabric.

(I haven’t attached the neck strap to the rest of the apron yet, by the way.)

Also, don’t mind the pink bottle. I’ve been having stomache problems and figure if this doesn’t fix it, I’ll visit the doctor.

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