week ninety-two

more circles

Adding to the circles pile.

Should have photographed them separately.

The lighting doesn’t clearly show the exact number and colors. The two on top are actually black, not this deep shade of navy they appear to be.

attached circles

Created more circles with a bit to connect all of them.

Each circle on the outside had a little stem.

The outside of the one in the middle didn’t have enough stitches to have two stitches from the stems attached, so not sure if it’s obvious that the last two were only attached with one stitch.

I like the way this looks but will make another one without the circle in the middle.

bottomof scarf

This was started yesterday.

Got bored with the pattern on the bottom so turned it over and will make the rest plain.

After flipping it over, I tried several other stitches but it never came out right and have had to undo several rows twice.

It still looks wonky but not awful.


ribbon rug

This is a continuation of using up of the ribbon and this is the third color, although the last two “colors” are different shades of red.

Ribbon is slippery and annoying and I’ll be glad when this is finally done.

I did briefly consider melting it down so it doesn’t fray and undo itself because a lot of the ends and beginnings are in the middle, but who has the time to melt down something the size of a placemat? Plus, the smell would be awful and there is always the clumsiness factor.


Here are two letter Ls.

The first one looks better than the light grey one. Same hook size, though.

I’m crocheting initials for letterclub members than attaching them to small circles.

It would probably make more sense to attach them to small rectangles.

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