week ninety-four

oil pastel and pencil on paper

I’ve had this sitting around for a while, with just the pencil on paper, in a pile.

Had recently remembered there were oil pastels and coloured it. The pencil is still visible, although I should have just outlined everything again with black ink.

This would look interesting as a quilt or blanket.

weaving number three

Third weaving. Still have no clue what to do with the ends.

On Twitter, someone suggested to put beads on the ends. One on top and sprinkle some on the lower ends. Would have to put tiny beads because I didn’t account for doing that this time around.

After a few more, I want to put them all in a glass frame.

scarf middle

scarf middle and other end

scarf closed

This is the scarf with the wonky ends finished.

more circles

Starting on the white edging around the circles before connecting them.

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