week ninety-five

Quicker than usual post.

Was going to post this yesterday but my headache took over last night and caused an earlier than usual bedtime, so my priorities shifted.

In case you’re wondering why my sheets look different, I was doing laundry at the time.

connected circles

The circles so far, connected.

Haven’t bothered to weave in the loose ends just yet.

Definitely need more circles.

shawl/wrap up close

shawl/wrap stitches

Started this shawl or wrap last week, after finally deciding what to do after the constant starting and undoing of the yarns. Basically, I took out one of my books and just winged it using one of the stitches.

The container, I had it in, had two crochet hooks and so have no idea when I switched up to a bigger hook.

weaving four

A fourth weaving.

Worsted weight yarn barely fits in the crevices of the weaving loom but still works.

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