week ninety-seven

yet another weaving

Started this weaving and can’t decide on the color for the upper half.

necklace idea

Had an idea for a braided necklace but it’s not wide enough to fit over anyone’s head.

This one was done with nine pieces of ch50 then braided by threes.

Shouldn’t be too much trouble to find a clasp big enough to hold in the ends.

striped circles

Started another circle today.

I learned playing with my phone makes me more nervous, but playing with yarn doesn’t.

Was waiting to pick something up and the person there was busy running around.


main part of a crochet flower

Suppose the idea of a flower came into mind and this has resulted so far.

Have to do the stem and a couple leaves. The leaves I keep making so far look decent enough, though.

new knitting project

Started a new knitting project and have absolutely no idea where this is going.

I have to add that I’m finally making a dent in my yarn stash which means, as soon as I am able, I get to yarn gawk and get pretty new skeins.

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