week ninety-nine

banana republic sweater one

banana republic sweater two

banana republic sweater three

I’m going to start off by saying this sweater was around $168 and from Banana Republic. It was my favorite sweater and always got complimented every time I wore it.

I got really sad that every time I tried to fix the hole in the front, that it kept getting worse, so I’ve decided to frog the whole thing and make another sweater out of it.

The cowl will still be a cowl, though.

bowl, upside down


This bowl looks really wonky because I didn’t put enough Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid all over.

It would have worked better if I had diluted some of it with water, rather than pour it over and work it into the crochet with my fingers, because the bag method wasn’t doing the job.

I also don’t have any containers big enough to completely drape the bowl over, so the edging is slightly curled over on purpose.

I should have left off the pink border, also.

elephant without ears

There’s this little guy I’m working on.

I haven’t attached the ears yet and I’m not sure what to do about his face or tail.

Also, there is no name.

blue collar

The idea for the elephant came about while I made this.

This still needs a button for the closure.

The last two projects were made from yarn I had made a scarf with that was sitting in the closet.

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