Week 101

I’m having my late morning coffee and posting this from my phone so it might look wonky, if you’re viewing this on a computer/laptop screen. 

The past week was continuing and starting a couple things. 

This is a slow continuation of a cardigan that will be fully knitted. Maybe a border in crochet. It’s not anywhere near that point. 

I’m still looking for a pattern that is similar to what I’ve got in my head. There is an open cardigan with a cabled collar that would be cool, found in an older issue of Vogue Knitting, but the front was asymmetrical. I, also, have not become comfortable with making cables. 

This yarn is finally being used but it’s now not enough to make another pullover. 

The bottom piece almost wraps around to the front.  When I work on the front, I’ll add more to that bottom. This is sort a puzzle at the moment. Until everything comes together.

The bottom piece was ch82. Five or six rows.

The middle piece is ch15. Wasn’t paying attention to how many rows.  

Like the other one, I’m going on how I feel.

Making this, the idea for making crochet envelopes/pouches came to mind. 

I don’t think I can send them as is. Inside a fabric envelope, would work. 

The walls and bottom of the “Knitted House Project” is all together. 

The corners are all puckered but it won’t look bad once the roof is knitted and embroidered windows are added. 

It will all be stuffed. 

I want to add crochet eaves/hangings around the house. 

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