week 106

Knob House

I can say I’m about finished with The Knob House, although it isn’t stuffed full enough.

Plus, it looks like an owl face.

crocheted flowers in a basket

My mother’s birthday was on Sunday so I crocheted some flowers for her.

little purse

I made myself a purse with some of the leftover fabric. The inside isn’t perfect, although I like to try to get as close to perfection as possible, which is oftentimes a futile attempt because my stitching is rarely perfect. Sometimes I don’t even bother with straight rows.

I still have enough to make one more purse.

backpack parts

This is my messy progress on my friend’s backpack.

I still have to work on the binding for the top flap then assemble the outside all together. The main inner lining is already put together.

pillow in progress

While working on that, I am collecting scraps to fill the pillowform for the pillowcase I made for my cousin.

She’s getting a huge pillow in the mail.

another crochet circle

Another circle being made.

blue and white striped scarf

And progress on the striped blue and white scarf.

I’ve done a few more rows on the knitting project but it’s not enough to actually be noticeable.

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