week 108

It doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished much last week.

knitted cardigan progress

I did enough knitting of the cardigan that it equals seven inches so far.

Only have the patience to do about ten rows at a time.

I’ve not been working on it every day, just randomly.

Most everything I am doing is not on a daily basis.

backpack progress

Progress on my friend’s backpack.

I took off the side pockets because I didn’t like how they looked. The top flaps were ugly.

I had to adjust the shoulder straps but they’re not on evenly, at the bottom.

This whole thing is a mess but finally feel the finish line is near.

Luckily, the messed up bits will be covered so not as noticeable.

I have to attach the front then put in the lining and I’m done.

It looks nothing like the original backpack my friend gave me but it has parts that resemble that one.

triangle house with white rooftriangle house

Progress on the knitted house based on a triangle shape.

I tried it out with a white roof but it looks terrible, so I just added the same color.

I need to make  two triangles for the front and back. With a door on one of those pieces.

The whole thing will be stuffed.

It’s much smaller than The Knob House. Basically it’s the size of one of the walls.


I finally figured out how to use my Bind-It-All and made two notebooks.

I didn’t bind the whole edge, for either of these, because I can’t make the holes line up perfectly.

I promised a friend of mine I’d make her notebooks but she hasn’t told me how many and what size. I volunteered, really, and it’s basically so I can practice.

I’ve always been interested in bookbinding. One day, just bought that to make small notebooks, but never could figure out how to use the machine, until I went on YouTube the other day and watched a tutorial.

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