week 109

I’ve finally decided to tackle both bins of projects in various stages.

fixed purse

Finally fixed this bag. The handles are now solid.


I’ve been making more pillows/pillow forms.

They’re all stuffed with fabric and yarn scraps, which makes them heavier, longer-lasting and more poofy than being stuffed with shredded paper.

Shredded paper lasts two weeks then goes flat.


There is a bunch of yellow construction paper in one closet and they’re in the process of being made into notebooks of twenty-five pages each.

fake fur blanket 1 fake fur blanket 2

When Dylan was around 1, I was going to make him a skunk costume for Halloween.

Never got around to it and the cut pieces have been sitting in a basket since then. I don’t know the original plan although it could have been alternating stripes.

I have to line the back and it’ll be done. Kinda want to line it with grey. Not sure what fabric will work.

I don’t have anything on hand big enough, as I measured it and it’s about 51 inches width-wise and about 4o inches length-wise. It might be longer from top to bottom.

By the way, don’t cut fake fur on carpet.

It didn’t vacuum up so had to take pieces of masking tape to the rug and clean it that way. There are still bits of black fake fur on the rug.

The end product will be worth it but dealing with cut fake fur is a pain.

backpack progress

I thought I was finished with my friend’s backpack but the top front flap was too small so had to make both that and the corresponding lining wider.

I’ll say it again, if I hadn’t said it already, but just want this done already.

knit purple scarf

Another knitted scarf.

This time using up all the purple yarn.

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