week 110

crochet beanie

I tried to make a beanie for my kid, because he started playing with the yarn. He especially likes to touch his face with whatever bit is closest to himself.

It fits him perfectly but he keeps taking it off.

Can just add to it and it’ll fit someone else.

knitted triangle house

The Triangle House is not very triangular.

I can’t seem to get the knack of knitting triangles just yet, so one side is a crochet circle and the other a crochet triangle.

It’s not fully stuffed but stiff enough to sit on one end.

fabric envelope

Finally finished my friend’s backpack and he came and picked it up on Friday.

There was leftover fabric which became three pillows forms and this fabric envelope.

It’s not lined just yet, hence the button and closure is not attached yet.

redoing circles rug

I’ve undid the small circles from the rug and will just have one huge circle with the colors in rows.

fake fur blanket

Finished the fake fur blanket by lining it with pale grey flannel.

Two yards of the lining was purchased.

The measurement was off but folded down the black fake fur on one side and it was enough.

Dylan has pretty much claimed this blanket because every time I worked on it, he would lie down and get in the way.

And, yes, there are tiny bits of black fur still on the rug.

knitted cardigan progress

Progress on the knitted cardigan.

Those visible rows are visual cues for when I make the pockets. Aiming for slanted pockets.

It measures to almost twelve inches. Couple more inches and binding off for sleeves will start.

crochet pouch

Wasn’t happy with the way the striped scarf was turning out so frogged it until the beginning and turned that into this little pouch.

Should make a flap for it and then attach that and a button.

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