week 113

Another week where I felt nothing was truly accomplished.

I’ve been having a hard concentrating on anything other than a certain circumstance that I will never find closure on. It’s been about two months since it all began, but still heavily on my mind. Too many things that make no sense and the more I think about them, the less they make sense.

There were another few rows on the knit cardigan. It now measures 11 inches from top to bottom. I’m aiming for fourteen inches before I start binding off for armholes.

Was able to do a couple cowls.

convertible cowl/scarf

This one was an idea in my head of a convertible cowl slash scarf.

Each panel was 15 stitches cast on, then stockinette stitch, until they measured a comfortable distance around my head. Crochet on the edges. Single crochet on the long sides and double on the short edges.

I applied buttons so they can be attached and detached.

The original plan was to attach them in the middle, along one long edge, then cross them in front.

That is one way it can be worn.

blue and white cowl, pompoms up close blue and white cowl

Another cowl.

Was going to attach more pom-poms but stopped at two, even though there is more yarn.

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