week 115

I apologise for the post last week. It was unnecessary to put my personal life on blast like that. It’s just you never fully recover from something like that but it gets slightly easier to deal with as time passes on. Writing it out always helps.

Besides writing out the whole relationship, I’m able to focus on writing two short stories. Although, one will be longer when I’m done.

Will link that website to this one after I’m done with them.

start of blue scarf

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with this yarn. Ought to buy orange yarn and finally make those fingerless gloves for my cousin with this yarn.

Right now, it’s turning into a scarf.

knitted back of cardigan

Finally able to finish knitting the back of cardigan.

It’s about twenty inches from top to bottom.

binding off

Didn’t account for the binding off and should have binded off on the row below.

Not too worried as the loose bits will get woven in but stopping short right before it was done was a bit discouraging.

It needs the ends woven in and blocked, but that will happen after the other pieces are done.  Now to start on the fronts then sleeves.


I haven’t worked on the dress but found another dress in the closet and will splice them together. Don’t have enough to line the whole thing.

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