week 127-130

Week 127 was a week were I accomplished nothing in creative pursuits.

Since then, I’ve finished up one project. Finally.

And then continued the cardigan.



Finally finished making all the envelopes traced out with the junk mail envelope turned template on Sunday.

A lot of them are a bit wonky but I like the fact some of them are tilted or that I accidentally glued the sides on the outside for a few.

While removing a lot of pictures off the cell phone, I noticed starting this project in July of last year. Oops.

There are still bits of scrap paper left and unsure what to do with those.


I’m not having a cardigan by my birthday with the rate this is going.

I’ll have this side done by the time that rolls around since I’ve only knit three rows since yesterday.

It’ll be worth it once all the pieces are finished and it’s blocked then sewn together.

Why does knitting have to be so slow and tedious?


Not sure why I fell behind but life gets in the way sometimes and there are moments where I’d rather do something else than sit down and stare at a laptop screen.

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