weeks 131-134

I have no idea why I’ve been so neglectful of this blog.

For two weeks, between March 21 to last Monday, my son was on spring vacation so there was little time to focus on anything else. It slipped my mind to write anything last week.

I think I need to start posting over the weekend when I can actually focus on posting for this blog.

Well, I’ve been mostly focusing on one project.

Dylan had an eye doctor appointment during his vacation and, in the waiting room, I brought along some yarn to keep my hands busy while we waited.


I had a blanket that I decided that will never be finished and just used the leftover yarn from that and used it for the cardigan.

The blanket, as it is, will be turned into a different cardigan but currently I’m trying to figure out how to seam it and not turn it into a shrug. P1030683

From the leftovers, the cream edging grew.



Originally, the sleeve would be blocked into stripes this way but I ran out of the dark green yarn.


Instead, I ended up buying a skein of the first green I used and had to re-sketch out a basic idea.


This is a slightly updated sketch and notes of the project.


Besides that project, I’ve almost finished sewing up the second pillow of the fake fur set.


Knitting takes too long and I think this will be a pocket after all, although I still like the idea of having an asymmetrical cardigan with one side shorter than the other.



I have no idea why I’m on a cardigan kick but I am.

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